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Sunseet tapınakları


Volunteer Program


Volunteer Program is a program prepared for you to live a life of seclusion at Kioo Retreat Center.

Volunteers who will take part in Kioo Retreat Center by adopting a Sattvik lifestyle are required to participate in the practices determined for them every day. However, volunteers; They are obliged to fulfill the duties assigned to them as part of their practice every day to assist the operation of the Retreat Center. These duties are divided into various titles such as working in the laundry, helping with the kitchen arrangement, taking part in the cafe area, house keeping support, helping with office work. The purpose of this program; is to ensure that the practices of the volunteers progress with the support of retreats and to support them to transfer their practices to life by making them a part of a process. How we do a job is a reflection of what attitude we have towards life. Practice reveals its true value when we bring the things we work on to life. This program, which was created with this awareness, has taken this as its mission. Since the volunteer team at Kioo Retreat Center will change every 3 months, practical programs are specially planned to cover a 3-month process. Volunteers will be able to participate in this program with the condition of staying exactly 3 months. Accommodation and meal fees of the people participating in the volunteer program will be covered by our center during these 3 months.




1. Persons who will volunteer at Kioo Retreat Center must have a minimum of 1 year yoga practice and the practice must continue.  

2. It is obligatory for people with significant health problems to notify their condition in advance.

3. Volunteers cannot bring children or pets to stay with them during their 3-month stay.

4. Volunteers cannot stay for less than 3 months. For this reason, they should make sure that they are available between the dates specified before their application and that they will not leave the Kioo Retreat Center.

5. Changes in duties can only be made by the management. Students cannot choose, change, or add or subtract their own tasks.

6. It is essential that the volunteers comply with the Retreat Center rules.

7. Volunteers are obliged to complete the tasks assigned to them.

8. Practices will take place between 06:00-09:00 in the morning and 16:00-17:30 in the evening. On some evenings, additional work will be done at 20:00-20:30. Volunteers are required to participate in the practices determined for them. Practices will be selected for volunteers by the management of the Kioo Retreat Center.

9. Volunteers must perform the tasks assigned to them, which will ensure the operation of the Kioo Retreat Center, during the working hours specified for them. These tasks and hours are subject to change.

10. Sattvik nutrition is essential in the Retreat Center. Volunteers have to abide by these rules and cannot consume alcohol or cigarettes during their stay. 

11. Volunteers are required to abide by the Yamas and Niyamas.

12. Applications are for a single person. A volunteer cannot apply on behalf of anyone other than himself.

Please send your e-mail describing yourself, your yoga practice and why you want to participate in this program volunteer@kiooretreatcenter.comYou can send it to  .

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