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YogaKioo is one of the largest yoga institutes in the world, serving in many countries. YogaKioo Institutes are working to protect the purity of yoga knowledge and to offer space to everyone who wants to access this knowledge.
Founded in Turkey by Çetin Çetintaş and Serra Sağra, YogaKioo has 18 branches in total, including 5 in Istanbul, Antalya, İzmir, Adana, Bursa, Gaziantep, Girne, Nicosia, Mersin, Ankara, İskenderun, Kayseri and YogaKioo Online branches. It has thousands of students. YogaKioo Publishing, under the umbrella of YogaKioo, brings yoga lovers together with brand new books every year. YogaKioo Magazine, Turkey's first and only yoga magazine, is among the most read magazines in Turkey. In addition, YogaKioo organizes Turkey's largest and rooted yoga festival and events, bringing together yoga lovers with different organizations every year.


YogaKioo has established Kioo Retreat Center, which is Turkey's largest retreat center, with a closed area of 7500 m2, built on 43 decares, in Kırklareli, which has completely adopted the Sattvik life. Kioo Retreat Center is where the heart of yoga beats in Turkey.



Kioo Retreat Center, Turkey's largest retreat center, was established on 43 decares of land, 3km away from Karahamza Village in the Merkez District of Kırklareli, and has a 7500 m2 closed area. 200 beds and 70There is an event capacity of 0 people. In the enchanting atmosphere of nature, with a completely sattvik menu, mut and sattvik lifestyle; It offers an effective area for retreats with four yoga studios, three of which are large, Swing/Hamock studio, classrooms, wisdom room, skating hall, climbing area, sauna, multi-purpose halls and experience rooms. There is also its own market and cafe in the center. 

Kioo Reatreat Center has a daily routine  pratik program (Yoga Asana, Pranayama and Meditation) that continues every day. Those who wish can come to the Center at any time and participate in this program and retreat.


Apart from this, meditation retreats, silence retreats at certain times of the year, yoga instructor trainings, camps, detox programs, philosophy trainings, festivals, art workshops and many more will be held at the Center every month. Those who wish can stay in these studies for a few days or longer to further their practice. During your stay, with the guidance of the teachers, you can both focus on the studies you need in practice and add a new perspective and a completely different dimension to your practice with the seclusion experience. Each of these practices will be implemented by our teachers and will be designed according to the needs of each level.

To inform: Retreat office working hours are from 10:00 to 17:00. You can visit Kioo Retreat Center between these hours by making an appointment in advance. Outside of these hours, only those staying in our center can enter the Kioo Retreat Center.

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